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EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules at Stake in U.S. Supreme Court

​The Emmett Center's Ann Carlson and Megan Herzog author the featured article in the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources' most recent "Trends" Newsletter. 

Federal Actions to Address Plastic Marine Pollution

​The Frank G. Wells Environmental Law Clinic and client Surfrider Foundation prepared a briefing book on federal solutions to plastic marine pollution

Renewable Energy Beyond 2020 
Ethan Elkind   - November 19, 2013

Renewable Energy Beyond 2020

The twelfth report in our Climate Change and Business Research Initiative series recommends a new renewable energy target for 2030 that accounts for greenhouse gas emissions and tracks California's long-term climate change goal.

Stemming the Tide of Plastic Marine Litter: A Global Action Agenda

​This paper recommends actions to address marine plastic litter, one of the most significant problems facing the world's oceans and seas.

Risk and Decision 
Timothy Malloy   - September 23, 2013

Risk and Decision
This report uses the case of methyl iodide--a neurotoxicant California approved as a fumigant in 2010--to explore the state's pesticide registration process.
Allocating Under Water: Reforming California

This paper evaluates the adjudicatory process used to resolve groundwater use disputes in California, and recommends a number of reforms that could be implemented by the legislature or courts to address problems in the adjudication and post-adjudication management of groundwater resources.

Search for Sustainable Legitimacy 
Alex Wang   - September 10, 2013

Search for Sustainable Legitimacy

​This article offers insight into China's recent environmental protection efforts, including the connections between China's environmental policy and its other values and objectives, and problems associated with China's "environmental cadre evaluation" system of regulation.

A High Speed Foundation 
Ethan Elkind   - August 20, 2013

A High Speed Foundation

If California's proposed high speed rail system is implemented poorly, the system could lead to unchecked development in the Valley.  This paper recommends a Valley-wide collaborative to avoid this outcome.

Combatting Sea Level Rise in Southern California

In the Summer 2013 volume of Hasting West Northwest Journal of Environmental Law & Policy, Emmett/Frankel Fellow Megan Herzog and Environmental Law Center Executive Director Sean Hecht discuss how Southern California local governments can seize sea-level rise adaptation opportunities while minimizing legal risk.

The President, Climate Change, and California

In the Harvard Law Review Forum, ​Professor Ann Carlson explains how a focus on California can help President Obama to fulfill his pledge to combat climate change through executive action.