The Visiting Scholars & Researchers Program at UCLA School of Law enables scholars, practitioners and jurists to spend up to a year at UCLA, use the law school facilities and interact with UCLA Law faculty and students. Participants to the program come from U.S. and overseas universities, foreign governmental entities and are individual practitioners in foreign countries.

Visitors are in residence at the law school for periods varying from a minimum of one month to a maximum of one calendar year.

There are three categories of visitors at UCLA Law, and they can be described as follows:

Visiting Scholars - These are established scholars from other universities who seek to come to UCLA to do research, often in collaboration with a member of the UCLA Law faculty.

Visiting Researchers - These are graduate-level students who want to spend time at UCLA School of Law in order to work on their dissertations or conduct research on topics in U.S. law.

Visiting Jurists - These are members of the legal profession from other countries who want to spend time at UCLA School of Law in order to conduct specific research or learn about U.S. law in a particular field related to their work.

Visitors have access to the Law Library, other campus libraries, and the law school computer network, and are invited to all talks, workshops, and conferences hosted at the law school. UCLA will attempt to provide a work space in the library - either a carrel or a shared room. UCLA does not provide assistance with housing.
The Visiting Scholars & Researchers Program is designed to offer individuals an opportunity to pursue independent research on a topic of interest to the law faculty at UCLA. Visitors are permitted to audit classes only with permission of the instructor. However, it is not a pedagogical program and it does not lead to a degree.

Applicants to the program must submit an application form specifying the dates of the proposed visit, a resume or curriculum vitae, a description of the project to be undertaken while at UCLA, a TOEFL score or equivalent demonstration of proficiency in English, and two letters of recommendation. Applications must be submitted by April 1st for a proposed visit occurring during the following academic year. To obtain an application form, please send a request to Tiffany Parnell at

For additional information about the program, please contact the Program Director, Professor Katherine Stone, at, or the Graduate Studies Coordinator, Tiffany Parnell, at