Formal Study Outside the School of Law

student in classA number of students find it advantageous to pursue formal training in another field of study concurrently with their legal training. Typically such concurrent degree programs lead, after four years of study, to the simultaneous award of a Juris Doctor and a master’s degree from another school or department. In general, such a student is engaged entirely at the School of Law during the first year and thereafter combines both law study and courses in the other department or school. We offer formal joint degree programs in the following areas:

Law and Afro-American Studies

Law and American Indian Studies 

Law and Management  

Law and Philosophy

Law and Public Health 

Law and Public Policy

Law and Social Welfare

Law and Urban Planning

Applicants to approved joint degree programs must contact the appropriate graduate school or department to obtain its application, and must meet the department's requirements and deadlines.

If an applicant's response to the question in the law school application regarding "Distinctive Programmatic Contributions" refers to a contribution to a joint degree program, the applicant must also submit an application to the appropriate graduate school by that school's application deadline.

In addition to the formal concurrent degree programs listed above, students may design an individually-tailored joint degree program drawing from multiple disciplines in UCLA’s vast curriculum. Alternatively, they may seek approval of a joint program with another high-quality school or university. The School of Law has already approved programs that offer concurrent plans of study over four years leading to a J.D. and an M. A. with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and the Woodrow Wilson School of International Studies at Princeton University; however, individualized approval must also be obtained from those institutions.