University of Tromsø Faculty of Law

Tromsø, Norway

Are classes taught in English?

The University of Tromsø does not offer any Bachelor’s level courses in English. All (English) courses available to exchange students are taught at the Master’s level. While most classes are taught in Norwegian, there are about five law classes offered each semester in English. Occasionally, as few as two or three English courses will be offered per semester. Some examples are General Law of the Sea, Energy Law, and European Union Law. In order to take the equivalent of a full course load at Tromsø, students are expected to take approximately two courses in a semester. A list of courses available in English can be found here. Students seeking to take courses taught in Norwegian are eligible to do so as long as they meet the general admission and Norwegian language requirements.

What are the major strengths of the program?

The University of Tromsø is highly renowned on an international scale for its Law of the Sea program. Tromsø also specializes in Indigenous People’s Rights, Environmental Law, and Fishery Law in the Arctic.

How many U.S. exchange students are there?

The Faculty of Law is a relatively small program, with about 550 students total participating in the five-year Master’s Degree. UCLA Law is the only U.S. law school with which Tromsø has an existing exchange partnership in effect. Tromsø will normally accept two students from UCLA Law per semester, or up to four students per academic year. There are usually 10-15 exchange students from other countries who study abroad at Tromsø each year. These students come from partner universities or as “free-mover” exchange students from non-partner schools.

What is the term schedule?

The fall semester runs from early August to mid-December. As the Law of the Sea Program commences every fall, the JUR-3050 General Law of the Sea course is offered only during the fall semester, and those seeking to take the course should plan their study abroad at Tromsø accordingly. The spring semester runs from early January to mid-June. To view the academic calendar, click here.

Where can I get housing?

The University of Tromsø provides incoming students with guidance on seeking accommodations in Tromsø. Contact the Housing Department of the Student Welfare Organization (SiTO) at for more information. SiTO is responsible for assigning rooms to Norwegian and international students, and international students receive priority placement for student units. Exchange students are able to review comprehensive listings of rooms and apartments available for rent for students at Tromsø. Among student housing options, rentals are estimated at as low as $400 per month for a room in a shared flat to as much as $1,100 per month for a four bedroom apartment. On average, most students will pay $500-$600 per month for a dorm room in Tromsø. Students are advised to budget approximately $7,800 to cover the cost of housing, living, and other expenses for a semester at Tromsø.

Whom should I contact for more information?

UCLA Law Contacts:

Tiffany Parnell, Graduate Studies Coordinator (

Professor Frances Olsen, Faculty FLSEP Coordinator (

* Prospective exchange students seeking more information about Tromsø are advised to first contact the designated UCLA coordinator and/or faculty contact with any initial questions. Only after submitting an application and receiving an official UCLA Law nomination should students then contact the Tromsø coordinators directly.

Tromsø Contacts:

Ms. Majda Sojtaric, Advisor/International Coordinator (

Annikken Steinbakk, International Coordinator in the Faculty of Law (