Focusing on Academic Success and Intellectual Rigor

The CRS 1L Workshop is a series of academic sessions designed to sharpen analytical skills  and introduce critical perspectives on the first year law school curriculum.  The sessions are typically held during the lunch hour, and facilitated by CRS students, alumni, and faculty.

During the Fall Semester, the Workshop focuses on Academic Success Strategies and the Foundations of Critical Race Theory, with special emphasis on the intellectual orientation of the Critical Race Studies Program at UCLA (CRS at UCLA). During the Spring Semester, the sessions focus on the first year topics and demystification of the Law Review Write-On Process. 

The CRS 1L Workshop is open to all students in the first year class (and even to those 2Ls and 3Ls who missed sessions) who are intellectually curious about the interconnections between race and the law, and  their implications for social justice.  It’s also a great way to meet the CRS award-winning faculty.  If the sessions become too crowded,  however, priority is given to those 1Ls who have expressed their intention to enroll in the CRS Specialization.