CRS at UCLA: Think. Teach. Transform.

The mission of the UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies Program is to:

  1. think new ideas,
  2. teach future leaders and scholars and
  3. transform racial justice advocacy.

The only program of its kind in the United States, UCLA Law’s Critical Race Studies (CRS) program is the premier institutional setting for the study of the intersection between race and the law.  Anchored by the most renowned scholars whose research represents the cutting edge of Critical Race Theory in legal scholarship and related disciplines, the CRS program at the UCLA School of Law has no parallel in American legal education.

The cornerstone of the CRS program is an academic course of study, the CRS Specialization, which attracts the top students committed to racial justice scholarship and legal practice.

Established in 2000-01, the CRS specialization has quickly emerged as a training ground for a new generation of practitioners, scholars and advocates committed to racial justice theory and practice.  CRS is a multi-faceted program that augments the specialization’s coursework with research colloquia, symposia, inter-disciplinary collaborations and community partnerships in order to integrate theory and practice.

Have questions about CRS at UCLA?  Check out our FAQ page, events calendar, and Facebook page.