Friday, April 1 – 12:20 to 1:45 pm
Sovereignty Under Surveillance: Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy, and Native Feminist Interventions (Room 1420)
·         Arvin, Maile - Desiring Blood: Kanaka Maoli Indigeneity and Self-Recognition in Day v. Apoliona
·         Beebe, Laura - The State’s Undead: Colonial Biopower and the Archive
·         Schneider, Lindsey - Decolonizing the “Keepers of the Nation”: Sovereignty, Performative Citizenships and Native Feminist Nationalism
·         Robertson, Kimberly - Making Native Communities More Safe and Secure: The Tribal Law and Order Act and Gendered Urban Indian Identity
Constitutional Change and Economic Development: Empirical Evidence from American Indian Nations (Room 1430)
·         Akee, Randall
·         Jorgensen, Miriam
·         Sunde, Uwe
  Moderator: Carole Goldberg
International Legal Frameworks (Room 3483)
·         Eaglin, Jessica - Race and the Formation of International Law:  Modernity/Coloniality as a Paradigm to Consider the Struggle for Sovereignty in Africa
·         Mayhew, Caroline - A Role for Critical Race Theory? Critical Race Theory, International Law, and the Racial/Political Binary in Indian Rights
   Moderator: Patrick Wolfe

Migration, Borders & Indigeneity (Room 3484)
·         Sharma, Nandita - Indigenous Leviathans? Native Nationalisms and the Conflation of Migration with Colonialism
·         Izvanariu, Pamela - Indigenous Latina/o Claims to Sovereignty and Self-Determination in the United States
Race, Citizenship and National Belonging (Room 1310)
·         Ahmadi, Shafiqa - Muslims in the Current American Narrative: Racialized, Otherized and Their Sovereignty Under Question
·         Kassam, Shelina - Settling the Multicultural Nation-State: Little Mosque on the Prairie and the Politics of Race, Gender and Nationalism
·         Lazos, Sylvia – Untitled
            Moderator: Jerry Kang
Sovereign Violence (Room 3393)
·         Dulley, Kolleen - Sexual Violence and Containment
·         Lee, Leece - Colonial Legacies and the Inherent Limitations of Racialized Sovereignty
·         Thobani, Sunera - Sovereignty, Race and Empire
             Moderator: Priscilla Ocen
Sovereignty in Education and Work (Room 2473)
·         Kevin Escudero - Overshadowed and Unafraid: Undocumented API Students and the Struggle for Higher Education
·         Tsinnajinnie, Leola - Present Day Native American Participation in the United States’ Military: Examining Education and Interracial Alliances for Indigenous Sovereignty
Cultural Property/Cultural Projects (Room 1457)
·         Erai, Michelle - "If I win I might tattoo my face." Mike Tyson as Maori Cultural Artifact?
·         Odeh, Lenna – Untitled (Palestinian hip-hop)
·         Ribet, Beth - Imagining Disability Rights as Cultural Rights
Rethinking Tribal Sovereignty and Race (Room 1447)
·         Maillard, Kevin
·         Singel, Winona
  Moderator: Angela Riley