Think. Teach. Transform

Established in 2007, through a collaboration of CRS students and faculty, the CRS Symposium is the signature event of the UCLA School of Law's Critical Race Studies Program.  The purpose of the event is to foreground the most innovative ideas and strategies to end racial injustice, to promote learning and collaboration across disciplines, and to integrate racial justice theory and practice. 

The Symposium is also the site of the Annual Reunion of Friends and Alumni of CRS, which consists of UCLA Law graduates, and others who share our mission to think new ideas, teach new leaders and scholars, and to transform racial justice advocacy. 

You can view a recording of past Symposia panels and keynote addresses online:

Inaugural Symposium 2007: Critical Race Theory: Mapping the Movement Across Disciplines

2nd Annual Symposium 2008: Race, Sexuality, and the Law: Abercrombie, Imus and Beyond

3rd Annual Symposium 2009: Race in 'Colorblind' Spaces 

4th Annual Symposium 2010: Intersectionality: Challenging Theory, Reframing Politics, Transforming Movements

5th Annual Symposium 2011: Race & Sovereignty

6th Annual Symposium 2013: Building Our Home