Combining intellectual rigor and a passion for social justice and racial equality

Although the faculty and the coursework are outstanding, it is our heartfelt sense of community that makes the program extraordinary. CRS faculty actively participate in the Program and regularly share their research in academic fora, enjoy informal conversations with students, and provide valuable career advice. CRS alumni regularly return to talk about their jobs, and how a CRS education has helped them in their real world projects. Some have even organized workshops for first-year students interested in CRS to strengthen legal writing skills. Finally, CRS students take ownership of the program and innovate constantly, for example, by producing a critical race theory reader to complement the first year curriculum and organizing independent study workshops. Students enrolled in the specialization are also at the heart of the broader law school’s life. They have included editors-in-chief of journals such as the UCLA Law Review, presidents of the Student Bar Association, and chairs of the major student organizations.