UCLA Law School students are eligible to receive course credit with respect to an entertainment industry summer internship by virtue of completing a research paper, preferably in connection with a general topic area on which they worked during their term at the respective venue. That paper may be in the form of a Law 340 independent study course paper, a Law 547 Entertainment Law Research and Writing substantial analytical paper, a paper for another law seminar or a faculty-supervised law review article. 

All paper topics must be approved in advance in writing by the Program's Executive Director.  The above papers are typically written and credit accorded during the Fall or Spring semester following a summer internship, but they can be written concurrently with proper advance planning for part-time internships during the school year.  It is always remains the responsibility of each student to arrange in a timely manner the means and supervision by which the paper is to be completed.  School-year part-time externships are governed by a special program, the details of which may be found here.​