Reunion Testimonials


It was a great pleasure and honor to serve last year as the National Chair for the Reunion Challenge. Our reunion was a truly amazing event. As I reflected on the invaluable contribution that UCLA Law has made to my life, I am so glad that I was able to participate in the reunion activities and make a gift in honor of my reunion class. Reunions represent a special opportunity to come together and contribute to the excellence and sustainability of our alma mater.

– Jeffrey Silberman ‘82


The UCLA School of Law is one of the most dynamic law schools in the nation, with outstanding programs and incredibly bright students. It is because of my pride in this great institution that I feel especially compelled to support UCLA Law each year.

– Melanie Cook ‘78


I went to law school for a second career; therefore, our 20th reunion was especially fun for me because my classmates were finally the age I was when we attended UCLA School of Law together. We laughed like no time had passed at all.

– Donna Wells '92 (center in photo)


If you are on the fence about attending your reunion, one word: Go! Attending my 10 year Class Reunion last year was a highlight of my year, allowing me to both connect - and reconnect – with classmates and faculty alike. Reminiscing over law school memories with such accomplished peers reminded me why I am proud to be a UCLA Law graduate.

– Jennifer Tobkin ‘02 (left in photo)

Attending my 10 year reunion gave me the chance to reconnect with classmates and to establish new contacts within the UCLA Law alumni community. I enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones, and I loved being back on the beautiful UCLA campus. Reunions are wonderful reminders of our roots and foundation and also how far we have come.

– Sayema Hameed '02 (second from right in photo)


Participating in the reunion of my 1967 class was personally rewarding beyond my expectations. Being on the committee provided me with a reason to reach out to, make contact with and see classmates with whom I'd had no contact for decades. I found it to be heartwarming. Most importantly, it is an easy way to acknowledge how much we received for so little and to help preserve the value of our own diplomas by doing our part in maintaining UCLA as one if the nation's top law schools.

– Bruce Spector '67 (right in photo)


When I first got to UCLA Law as a 1L, I was very impressed by the collegiality of my classmates, the quality of the faculty, and the overall environment. When I returned for my 20th reunion last year, I was still impressed and also extremely grateful for the many professional and personal experiences that UCLA Law has afforded to me over the years.

– Tom Monheim '92 (center in photo)


Last year's reunion confirmed again how close the class members who attend have remained with each other even though you may not see them frequently. The law school experience is bonding and the reunions with classmates and professors are truly appreciated. Of course we are an old class and our members are dwindling, so it is all the more important to attend and see each other.

– Barry Freeman '62 (second from left in photo)


It was a joy to see so many classmates at reunions that I had not seen in the 25 years since we graduated. To share stories about our years at UCLA together and to share what we have been doing with our lives since graduation was a wonderful opportunity. I was also amazed to rediscover how much the law school has grown in its programs and physical structure. Definitely, a once in a lifetime, must-do!!

– Alicia Miñana de Lovelace (second from left in photo)


I’m so glad I attended my 10 year UCLA Law reunion. Not only was it great to catch up with former classmates and professors, but it reminded me all over again what a great community UCLA Law is—and why it deserves my support. You’ll never regret it if you decide to go, but you will miss a fantastic evening if you don’t!

– Celeste Drake '02 (third from left in photo)

Last year's reunion was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with old friends and hear about classmates' recent career accomplishments and personal highlights.

– Toby Bordelon '02 (second from right in photo)


Los Angeles City Councilman José Huizar '97, Professor Laura Gomez and Richelle Rios ’95 enjoy the 2012 Reunion events.


Dean Rachel F. Moran welcomes a record-breaking crowd to the 2012 Reunion celebration.