1. New Graduate Opportunity Program (NGOP)
    1. NGOP is intended to fund part-time work at governmental, non-profit and public interest organizations on a temporary basis.
    2. Why would a recent graduate want to participate in the NGOP program?
      1. Developing  new legal skills or sharpening existing legal skills – this is a great time to develop or sharpen a skill set or expand your resume to cover new skills
      2. Networking – you can use this opportunity to develop new contacts in your legal field of interest or a related field
      3. Extended Job Interview – for certain jobs, particularly public interest jobs, the NGOP funding period can serve as an extended on the job interview. 
        We have had a few permanent public interest jobs extended each year directly as a result of the NGOP employment
      4. Avoids a hole on your resume, while you are waiting for Bar results and searching for a permanent legal job.  Even if you are working in a field different than the field that you intend to work more permanently, employers like candidates who are enthusiastic go-getters.  Having a job while you await Bar results and search for a permanent job help with this.
      5. Funding – most recent graduates could use a little extra money while waiting for Bar results and searching for a permanent legal job
  2. The Details
    1. The program provides funding for 10 weeks of 20 hours per week for a total of 200 hours per week.  You can stretch the hours out to cover more weeks – for example, you could work 15 hours per week for 13 weeks or 10 hours per week for 20 weeks.  However, you may not work more than 20 hours per week or more than 8 hours per day.
    2. Funding is available to December 2012 and May 2013 graduates after the July 2013 Bar exam.
    3. The precise pay rate has not been set yet but it will be approximately $16/hour.
    4. You may also work at another legal or non-legal employer concurrently with your NGOP employment, subject to the following restriction:  you must limit your total working hours per week to 32 hours.  This allows you enough free time to search for a permanent legal job.
    5. When you are working in connection with the NGOP program, you are legally an employee of UCLA.  This means that your NGOP host organization should not be subject to the labor laws that restrict internships.  We have had NGOP employees at various employers including federal and state courts, the EEOC and the White House – all of which were comfortable with the employee status of the NGOP participants.  If your potential employer has any questions or concerns about the NGOP, please have them address questions to Lisa Barash at 310-206-1117 or barash@law.ucla.edu.

  3. How to Get Started
    1. Before your graduation, please fill out an NGOP Application.  We need to receive your application prior to graduation in order to reserve the appropriate amount of funding.  By filling out the Application, you are NOT committed to taking the NGOP funding if you secure other employment and you will NOT be taking funding that could go to another classmate (there is enough funding for anyone who needs it).
    2. Before you begin work, you will need to fill out Human Resources paperwork with Jose Flores or Catherine Gonzalesin HR.  You can make an appointment with Jose or Catherine by emailing them at hr@law.ucla.edu.  If you are leaving the Los Angeles area, you may be able to fill out HR paperwork in advance.  This is a good idea because it will save you both time and the cost of notarizing and overnight mailing the documents back to UCLA’s Human Resources department. 
    3. You MUST fill out HR paperwork before you begin work.  UCLA is unable to pay you for any hours that you work before your HR paperwork is completed.  This is very important!
    4. In order to find a NGOP employer, you can either contact one of the employers on our NGOP Employer List or contact an employer that you find on your own.  The NGOP employer List is updated and ready to be sent to everyone who fills out an Application by July.  This list contains employers who have either participated in NGOP or expressed interest in participating in NGOP either this year or in prior years.  When contacting a potential NGOP employer, I would recommend that you send a cover letter and resume, unless the NGOP Employer List indicates that other materials are required.
    5. Although you may contact NGOP employers sooner, it is fine to wait until after the Bar to contact NGOP employers to discuss possible NGOP employment.
    6. Once you begin work, every two weeks, you will need to fill out a timesheet that will be signed by your NGOP employer supervisor and an NGOP Career Development Activity Log.  The timesheets tells UCLA how much to pay you, and the Log keeps us up to date on your job search activities.  The Log replaces a meeting requirement.