Although the UCLA Clinical Program is based on the premise that lawyering skills are transferable across substantive practice areas, effective training for students who seek a transactional career requires additional specialized training focused on that practice. In response to this reality and as part of the corporate law specialization, the UCLA School of Law has developed an impressive and growing range of sophisticated transactional clinical courses For example, students can learn how to finance a start-up company, sell a private company, advise a community-based organization engaged in economic development projects, or manage a myriad of environmental issues that arise when selling a business.

Advanced transactional courses offer skills development that will provide students with a broad exposure to the relevant substantive law, an understanding of what business lawyers do, and a grasp of how they go about doing it ethically and competently. In these courses students learn to identify the objectives of the business or organizational client that wants to enter into a particular transaction, and how to structure, negotiate and draft appropriate documents. Students learn drafting, planning and negotiation skills in a range of substantive areas that will enable them to represent businesses and nonprofit groups in both corporate and community settings.

The transactional clinical courses are taught by a group of highly experienced faculty who come from transactional backgrounds, and who train students using both sophisticated, simulation-based techniques and live client representation.

Transactional clinical offerings include the following:

Bankruptcy Transactional Course: Negotiating and Confirming Chapter 11 Plans focuses on  negotiation theory and practice as well as  advanced topics in bankruptcy laws that relate to the reorganization problem and strategic considerations in the plan process.

Business Deals Clinic teaches the art of renegotiating basic business contracts such as leases, junk bond indentures, and loan agreements.

Community Economic Development is a live client clinic that trains law students to represent community-based organizations in projects designed to create jobs, build affordable housing, and provide critical services in low-income neighborhoods.

Environmental Aspects of Business Transactions develops planning, counseling, negotiation and drafting skills in the context of environmental issues arising in typical business transactions, such as the sale of a manufacturing facility.

Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction Planning teaches students legal and strategic aspects of the sale of a private company from both the buyer's and seller's perspective.

Regulatory Lawyering is a problem-based course that draws upon environmental issues raised during the operation of a business concern that have to be resolved and integrated into the broader context of managing the business.  The course uses such issues to introduce and develop substantive law and regulatory skills.

Real Estate Law Clinic is taught in conjunction with Advanced Real Estate Transactions. It is a year-long clinical course offering students practical, hands-on training and experience working on live real estate transactions. Students in the clinic will represent one or two non-profit organizations at various stages in the process of developing affordable housing for low-income residents of Los Angeles.

Secured Financing Transactions provides an overview of modern financing transactions, focusing on leveraged buyout transactions.

Sports and the Law Clinical offers students enrolled in Sports and the Law to opportunity to prepare for and conduct a sports related clinical exercise such as a contract renegotiation of a player for the Los Angeles Lakers or a mock salary arbitration of a Los Angeles Dodger player.

Faculty teaching transactional clinical courses include: 
| Iman Anabtawi | Lance Borcarsly | Daniel J. Bussel | Scott Cummings 
| Steven Derian | John F. HilsonKenneth Klee | Timothy Malloy | Tom Muller

Business Law and Policy Specialization