​The Human Rights & International Criminal Law Online Forum (year-long) combines elements of a clinic, a seminar, a law journal, and a long-distance externship. Partnering with the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC), a web design team, and others to develop legal materials for and manage an innovative Human Rights & International Criminal Law Online Forum, (www.uclaforum.com), students frame up to four critical issues facing the Prosecutor and the Court. This includes identifying world-class experts who together offer a range of views and whose analyses will be featured prominently on the Forum, assisting in editing the opinions of the Invited Experts, identifying and collecting relevant legal background materials that will be posted on the website and offering legal analysis and opinion in the form of a comment  posted on the Forum. Students also engage in website housekeeping activities.  Members of the legal community, governments, scholars, activists, and others typically join the online debate.  The course begins with an introduction to the ICC and the general subject area, followed by operation as a team, with each student assigned memoranda associated with Forum activities.  Students travel to The Hague to meet and coordinate with the OTP.  

Professor Richard H. Steinberg teaches the course.

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