The Mediation Clinic combines a theoretical exploration of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism with practical training on how to mediate in a variety of settings. Students will be trained both from the perspective of the neutral mediator and that of a lawyer who advises clients about alternatives to litigation and represents clients during the mediation process. Students learn mediation skills through participation in simulated role plays, observation of an actual court mediation, and participation as a co-mediator of a Superior Court case at the courthouse.

The course content begins with theoretic issues such as the nature of conflict and methods to resolve, manage, and prevent disputes. Students will trained to set up and conduct a mediation session including skills such as active listening, reframing and communication within a mediation, and facilitating negotiation between the parties. Issues such as representing clients inside and outside the mediation room and drafting an agreement reached in mediation will also be addressed. Finally students will be introduced to the ethical issues surrounding mediation practice including the lawyer's ethical duty to advise clients about options to litigation and the mediator's ethical duties.

To provide students with real world training, the Clinic works with the Alternative Dispute Office of the Los Angeles Superior Court, one of the most progressive and active court annexed mediation offices in the world. During the course, each student will first observe a court mediation at a local courthouse such as Los Angeles Central, Van Nuys, or Santa Monica. Towards the end of the course, student will actually co-mediate a dispute involving litigants in the Superior Court. The mediation will be conducted with an experienced co-mediator and will be followed by a feedback session with the instructor. Upon satisfactory completion of the course and certification of the instructor, students will qualify as mediators for the Superior Court Professional Mediator Panel.

The Mediation Clinic is taught by Forrest S. Mosten.

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