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Executive Director

  • Executive Director, Entertainment, Media, and Intellectual Property Law Program
    Professor from Practice
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Affiliated Faculty

Co-Chairs, Entertainment Symposium Advisory Committee

  • Matthew C. Thompson
    Matthew C. Thompson
  • Lawrence J. Ulman
    Lawrence J. Ulman

Members, Entertainment Symposium Advisory Committee

  • Michael I. Adler '76
    Michael I. Adler '76
  • Roger Arar
    Roger Arar
  • Jeffrey A. Barker '93
    Jeffrey A. Barker '93
  • Hillary S. Bibicoff
    Hillary S. Bibicoff
  • David Boyle
    David Boyle
  • Barbara Boyle '60
    Barbara Boyle '60
  • Pamela J. Brockie '75
    Pamela J. Brockie '75
  • P. John Burke
    P. John Burke
  • Brooke E. Chaffin
    Brooke E. Chaffin
  • Gary O. Concoff
    Gary O. Concoff
  • Loan T. Dang '00
    Loan T. Dang '00
  • Robert A. Darwell
    Robert A. Darwell
  • Craig Emanuel
    Craig Emanuel
  • Ruth E.  Fisher
    Ruth E. Fisher
    Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
  • Keith G. Fleer
    Keith G. Fleer
  • Jeffrey M. Freedman '93
    Jeffrey M. Freedman '93
  • David R. Ginsburg
    David R. Ginsburg
    Executive Director, Entertainment, Media, and Intellectual Property Law Program
    Lecturer in Law
  • Joshua Grode
    Joshua Grode
  • Susan A. Grode
    Susan A. Grode
  • E. Barry Haldeman '69
    E. Barry Haldeman '69
  • Michael A. Helfant '83
    Michael A. Helfant '83
  • Kenneth  A. Kleinberg '67
    Kenneth A. Kleinberg '67
  • Nicholas La Terza
    Nicholas La Terza
  • Michael H. Lauer
    Michael H. Lauer
  • Douglas Mark
    Douglas Mark
  • Laurence M. Marks '78
    Laurence M. Marks '78
  • Howard Meyers
    Howard Meyers
  • Charles Moore
    Charles Moore
  • Lawrence P. Mortorff '73
    Lawrence P. Mortorff '73
  • Christopher C. Murray
    Christopher C. Murray
  • Scott S. Packman
    Scott S. Packman
  • Rose PeBenito Shiner
    Rose PeBenito Shiner
  • Caroline  A. Raufi
    Caroline A. Raufi
  • Michael S. Sherman
    Michael S. Sherman
  • Shelly Sroloff '76
    Shelly Sroloff '76
  • Donald W. Steele
    Donald W. Steele
  • Todd M. Stern '88
    Todd M. Stern '88
  • Daniel Stutz
    Daniel Stutz
  • M. Kenneth Suddleson '68
    M. Kenneth Suddleson '68
  • Robert M. Szymanski
    Robert M. Szymanski
  • Partner, Ziffren Brittenham LLP
    Adjunct Faculty
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  • Christa C. Zofcin
    Christa C. Zofcin

Emeriti, Entertainment Symposium Advisory Committee

  • Leigh C. Brecheen
    Leigh C. Brecheen
  • Jay  Cooper
    Jay Cooper
  • John T. Frankenheimer '73
    John T. Frankenheimer '73
  • Matthew H. Saver '78
    Matthew H. Saver '78
  • Lois J. Scali '86
    Lois J. Scali '86
  • Partner, Ziffren, Brittenham LLP
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  • Dirk van de Bunt '82
    Dirk van de Bunt '82

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