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Allison Hoffman

Assistant Professor of Law

Allison Hoffman A.B., Dartmouth College, 1998
J.D., Yale, 2004
UCLA Faculty Since 2010
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Articles and Chapters

An Optimist's Take on the Decline of Small-Employer Health Insurance, 98 Iowa Law Review Bulletin 113 (2013). Full Text

Retiree Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Spending: A Study of Consumer Expectations and Policy Implications (with Howell E. Jackson), 39 American Journal of Law and Medicine 1-72 (2013). Full Text

Three Models of Health Insurance: The Conceptual Pluralism of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 159 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1873 (2011). Full Text

Oil and Water: Mixing Individual Mandates, Fragmented Markets, and Health Reform, 36 American Journal of Law & Medicine 7 (2010). Full Text

The Need for a Reduced Workweek in the United States (with V. Schultz), in Precarious Work, Women, And The New Economy: The Challenge To Legal Norms (edited by J. Fudge & R. Owens, Hart Publishing, 2006). Full Text