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Jon D. Michaels

Professor of Law

Jon D. Michaels B.A. Williams College, 1998
B.A. University of Oxford, 2000
M.A. University of Oxford, 2006
J.D. Yale, 2003
UCLA Faculty Since 2008
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Articles and Chapters

Privatization's Progeny, 101 Georgetown Law Journal 1023-1088 (2013). Full Text

Private Military Firms, the American Precedent, and the Arab Spring, 48 Stanford Journal of International Law 277 (2012).

The (Willingly) Fettered Executive: Presidential Spinoffs in National Security Domains and Beyond, 97 Virginia Law Review 801-98 (2011). Text

Privatization's Pretensions, 77 University of Chicago Law Review 717-780 (2010). Full Text

Deputizing Homeland Security, 88 Texas Law Review 1435-1473 (2010). Full Text

All the President's Spies: Private-Public Intelligence Gathering in the War on Terror, 96 California Law Review 901-966 (2008). Full Text

Beyond Accountability: The Constitutional, Democratic, and Strategic Problems with Privatizing War, 82 Washington University Law Quarterly 1001-1127 (2004). Full Text

Deforming Welfare: How the Dominant Narratives of Devolution and Privatization Subverted Federal Welfare Reform, 34 Seton Hall Law Review 573-669 (2004). Full Text

To Promote the General Welfare: The Republican Imperative To Enhance Citizenship Welfare Rights, 111 Yale Law Journal 1457-1498 (2002). Full Text

Faith in the Courts? The Political and Legal Future of Federally-Funded Faith-Based Initiatives (co-authored), 20 Yale Law & Policy Review 183-225 (2002).