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Noah D. Zatz

Professor of Law

Noah D. Zatz A.B. Cornell University, 1994
M.A. Cornell University, 1996
J.D. Yale, 1999
UCLA Law faculty since 2004
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Articles and Chapters

Introduction: Working Group on the Future of Systemic Disparate Treatment Law, 32 Berkeley Journal of Employment & Labor Law 387 (2012). Full Text

Poverty Unmodified?: Critical Reflections on the Deserving/Undeserving Distinction, 59 UCLA Law Review 550 (2012). Full Text

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Managing the Macaw: Third-Party Harassers, Accommodation, and the Disaggregation of Discriminatory Intent, 109 Columbia Law Review 1357 (2009). Full Text

Revisiting the Class Parity Analysis of Welfare Work Requirements, 83 Social Service Review 213 (2009). [Selected for the 2008 Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum, Labor Law/Social Welfare Policy category.] Full Text

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