Explore UCLA's Cross-Disciplinary Offerings

  • UCLA Anderson School of Management

    The UCLA Law experience encompasses more than a legal education – it also offers a gateway to one of the world’s most celebrated research universities. UCLA counts 13 Nobel Laureates and 29 Academy Award recipients among its faculty, researchers and alumni. As a student, an exceptional learning network isn’t confined to our law school. It’s all around you.

    If you’re planning to represent corporations, take a course at the UCLA Anderson School of Management to learn about corporate valuation or the inner workings of a startup company. Interested in becoming an international human rights attorney specializing in China? Then enroll in Mandarin classes through the Department of Asian Languages & Cultures.

    UCLA Law students can also earn a joint degree in a specific field of study such as business, social work or public policy. Whether you decide to enroll in a joint degree program or choose from thousands of available elective courses, you can elevate your law school experience.