Reach Out to Our Graduates

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    The sense of community and cooperation at UCLA Law inspires students and graduates to pursue their highest professional aspirations. As a result, our alumni network is one of the most robust in the nation, with exceptional leaders in every sector of the profession and beyond.

    For generations of students, the UCLA Law experience has been a powerful engine of opportunity, providing the skills and tools needed to launch firms, companies and nonprofit organizations. In the area of public service, graduates have dedicated themselves to careers on Capitol Hill, on the bench and in government agencies. In private practice, alumni have distinguished themselves time and again, appearing regularly on featured lists of the most accomplished attorneys in their fields.

    These achievements are impressive and noteworthy – and so are the countless hours that graduates spend serving as conference speakers, transactional meet coaches and, most importantly, lifelong mentors. Whatever their chosen path, our alumni give back to students, repeating the cycle of opportunity and transformation that made their own law school experience so memorable.