Individual parking assignments for students are determined through a priority-based point system.  This system assigns priority to students based on a number of factors, including commuting distance from UCLA.  Graduate and professional students are given more points than undergraduates, however these additional points do not guarantee that law students will be awarded parking permits.  Although most law students who have met the parking eligibility criteria (and have been timely with their parking permit applications) have generally been granted permits, they are not automatically guaranteed. For more information on parking permit applications and deadlines, please click here

If living off campus, consider living near and using public transportation.  During the school year, the BruinGO! Flash Pass Program allows currently enrolled UCLA students unlimited weekday travel on either the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (BBB) or the Culver CityBus (CCB) with a valid BruinCard and a co-payment.  Living near public transportation may translate to fewer points on your parking application, but it will provide you with a reasonable alternative should your parking application be denied.

For information regarding the BruinGO! Flash Pass Program, click here
For information regarding the BBB, click here.
For information regardng the CCB, click here.

If living off campus, also consider consider forming carpools.  Qualified student carpools are guaranteed parking on campus as long as they apply in accordance with published instructions and deadlines.  To access information regarding carpools and for updated instructions and deadline information, click here.  UCLA School of Law provides an online service to assist law students seeking to carpool with other law students to exchange information.  More information will be available in the late spring.  

To contact Parking Services directly, call: (310) 794-7433.