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Mission: The UCLA Law Review is published six times a year by the students of the UCLA School of Law and the Regents of the University of California. The Law Review is a completely student-run organization and all management, editorial, and publication control is vested in its members. The Law Review strives to publish articles of the highest academic quality, while also appealing to the general interests of practicing attorneys, legal scholars, law students, judges, and legislators.

The UCLA Law Review was founded in December 1953, a few years after the founding of the Law School at UCLA in 1949.

Membership on the Law Review is decided on the basis of a Write-on competition that first year students complete after their spring semester. Success leads to a year of service as a member of the Law Review's staff. The editorial board of the Law Review is then selected from the staff based on their diligence, attention to detail, demonstrated leadership abilities, and service to the Law Review during their staff year.

2016-2017 Symposium

Lawyers and Social Movements: Reimagining Theory and Practice

February 10, 2017 | UCLA School of Law

Organized by UCLA Law Review and Professor Scott Cummings and Professor Douglas NeJaime.

This symposium will explore the role of law and lawyers in contemporary social movements in the United States and beyond. This focus is motivated by dramatic changes in practice and theory that have brought renewed attention to how lawyers can, and should, shape the goals and strategies of movements attempting to reform law and change culture. The symposium will build upon UCLAW’s tradition of leadership in this field to convene leading thinkers and practitioners toward the goal of developing new empirical insights and building new theoretical frameworks to guide lawyering for social movements that respond to current political challenges and professional opportunities.

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