Promise Institute Reports

The Promise Institute produces reports on matters of human rights with local, national, and global reach. Below, you can find the most recent reports issued by the Promise Institute, as well as reports issued by the UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, and by the Clinics affiliated with the Institute.

  • Promise Institute Reports
  • International Human Rights Clinic Reports

    The California Institution for Women Think Tank (CIW) Memorandum

    The central purpose of the report, Women Beyond Bars: Reentry and Human Rights, is to explain what adopting a human rights approach to reentry means for the women of Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles, and other local government authorities responsible for the reentry landscape in Los Angeles, specifically as it relates to housing and employment.

    Dignity and Power Now Breaking the Silence report

    In spring 2015, clinic students drafted and released the first report documenting human and civil rights violations due to medical neglect of women of color with mental health conditions in Los Angeles County jails. On behalf of Dignity and Power Now, clinic students documented human rights violations resulting from medical neglect of women incarcerated in the LA County jail system. The report focused on abuses committed by LA County officials against women of color with mental health conditions, highlighting how race and gender heighten their vulnerability to this abuse. Clinic students conducted interviews with formerly incarcerated women. Students also conducted extensive legal and secondary social science research on the human rights harms that incarceration generates especially with respect to mental health. Additionally, the students participated in informative meetings with community activists and formerly incarcerated women, which greatly impacted the students' analysis of the violations and their advocacy strategy.

  • UN Special Rapporteur Reports

    Thematic Reports

    Racial Discrimination and Emerging Digital Technologies: A Human Rights Analysis, July 2020, A/HRC/44/57 (Full Text)

    Reparations for Racial Discrimination, Slavery, and Colonialism, August 2019, A/74/321 (Full Text)

    Global Trends in Anti-Semitic Violence, July 2019, A/74/253 (Full Text)

    Global Extractivism and Racial Equality, April 2019, A/HRC/41/54 (Full Text)

    The Threat of Nationalist Populism to Racial Equality, October 2018, A/73/305 (Full Text)

    Racial Discrimination in The Context Of Laws, Policies And Practices Concerning Citizenship, Nationality And Immigration, April 2018, A/HRC/38/52 (Full Text)

    Neo-Nazi Youth Recruitment, April 2019, A/HRC/41/55 (Full Text)

    The Use of Digital Technologies in the Propagation of Neo-Nazi and Related Ideology, October 2018, A/73/312 (Full Text)

    Contemporary Resurgence And Spread Of Support For Neo-Nazi Ideologies, April 2018, A/HRC/38/53 (Full Text)

    Country Reports

    Qatar, A/HRC/44/57/Add.1 (Full Text)

    Kingdom of the Netherlands, A/HRC/44/57/Add.2 (Full Text)

    Kingdom of Morocco, A/HRC/41/54/Add.1 (Full Text)

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, A/HRC/41/54/Add.2 (Full Text)

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