Food Law and Policy Clinic

The Food Law and Policy Clinic provides students opportunities to take on the role of policy advocate within the food justice movement, pursuing positive, systemic change in the areas of food insecurity, public health, workers’ rights, urban agriculture, land use, animal welfare and social entrepreneurship.

Clinic projects partner students with local and regional non-profit organizations and community groups to reimagine school meals programs, reduce waste of and increase access to healthy foods, ensure the health and safety of farmworkers and domestic laborers across the food supply chain, support farmers’ ability to foster regenerative agriculture practices and promote soil health, and hold corporations and regulators accountable for widespread public health impacts of dangerous pesticides.

Students participating in the clinic will deepen their practical understanding of the role of policy advocate through both seminar activities and project work, where they will develop and practice a wide range of transferable skills and strategies. These skills and strategies include: interviewing clients and experts; conducting legal and social science research and analysis; consulting and counseling stakeholders; creating and maintaining partnerships with individuals and community groups; organizing community education and media campaigns; participating in legislative drafting, administrative rulemaking, and organizational toolkit development; presenting oral advocacy; and, creating and implementing a framework for evaluation and assessment.

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Jul 19, 2021

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Jul 14, 2021

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