Course Description

LAW 372 - Motion Picture Financing

The course presents, from the practitioner's standpoint, key legal and business issues involved in financing theatrical features.  Students need no prior knowledge of the area and applicable principles of intellectual property law will be included.  Major studio production will be examined, including use of outside equity. The fascinating and often challenging world of independent feature finance will be explored, where complex deals involving multiple funding sources are common. Traditional equity investments as well as the exciting new tool of Crowdfunding, both donative and equity based, will be covered.  Presales of distribution rights by territory, often at film markets and festivals, will be discussed, as will the use of these contracts as collateral for loans requiring completion bonds.  The increasing use of government incentives, in the US and elsewhere, including via Co-Production Treaties, will be included, as well as the growing role of product placement and brand integration. Revenue streams from theatrical exhibition, DVD/VOD, television, and digital distribution will be explored as will backend participations. Finally, special considerations will be examined, including: funding of development and “pay or play” commitments for stars, guild issues, risk management and the use of the LLC. The goal of the course is to enable students to develop an informed and analytical approach to the financing of theatrical motion pictures.

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This course is not offered in 2018 - 2019

Bankruptcy; Taxation & Public Finance; Business Law;