Course Description

LAW 678 - Comparative Counterterrorism Law and Policy

This comparative course focuses on the global legal environment in which counterterrorism efforts function today. The course focuses on a comparative analysis of the different legal definitions of terrorism applied across the globe, the designations of different organizations as terrorist groups, the international legal approaches applied to terrorism matters, the different considerations applied throughout the world to balancing privacy and security considerations, and the use or non-use of the criminal justice system in different countries. The course will also focus on the legal and policy approaches used by different countries to address specific terrorist organizations, and whether those efforts proved to be successful. The goal of the course is to examine the global legal structures aimed at addressing terrorism, and their influence on American process, policies and law.

Course Information:

This course is not offered in 2018 - 2019

Constitutional Law, Government, and Public Policy; Criminal Law and Procedure; International and Comparative Law JD Specialization;