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LAW 927 - International Human Rights Clinic: International Field Experience

The Promise Institute for Human Rights is offering for the 2018 J-Term the International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC) – International Field Experience. The International Field Experience offers students a unique opportunity to engage in human rights work in an international context and learn from leading human rights lawyers and activists on the ground. Building on work of the IHRC with clients and partners in Honduras, the 2018 J-Term course will give students an intensive immersion experience in the human rights struggle in Honduras. Students will participate in various learning modules and workshops in dialog with our partners, clients, and activists, as well as conduct fieldwork in a collaborative model of human rights advocacy on behalf of our clients and in support of the litigation efforts of our partners.

Students can expect a full and demanding schedule, with departure on the early morning (overnight flight) of January 3, 2019 and return on January 21 (students must be available for travel for the duration of the project). We will work closely with attorneys from the human rights department of the Equipo de Reflexión, Investigación y Comunicación de Honduras (ERIC), based in El Progreso, Honduras, and will continue work previously initiated with the Consejo Cívico de Organizaciones Populares e Indígenas de Honduras9 (COPINH). We will also be in dialog with other grass roots organizations engaged in the struggle for human rights. Fieldwork projects will be designed in coordination with our partners, with a view towards making a positive contribution, in a collaborative framework, to ongoing human rights litigation, pre-litigation, or research to be used in advocacy. A minimum of intermediate level Spanish is required. Prior students of the semester-long IHRC will be given preference for this field experience. Otherwise, students must show a demonstrated commitment to the field of human rights to be considered. Travel and per diem expenses (lodging and meals) will be covered by the Promise Institute.

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This course is not offered in 2018 - 2019

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