Course Description

LAW 992 - Sexual Orientation Workshop

This course examines and evaluates recent scholarship in the field of sexual orientation and gender identity law. Students will read and discuss several recent law review articles in the field.  In reading these articles, students will gain in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of legal fields subsumed within sexual orientation and gender identity law.  In analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the articles, students will also learn to think rigorously about scholarship itself, considering whether articles make substantive contributions to the field, whether they are convincing in their arguments, well-supported by their authorities, and well-crafted.  Ultimately, the seminar will culminate with the selection of the best articles of the year, which will be published in the Williams Institute‚Äôs prize journal, The Dukeminier Awards.

Course Information:

This course is not offered in 2018 - 2019