LAW 546A/B

Entertainment, Media, and Intellectual Property Colloquium

Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property

This yearlong research and writing seminar gives students the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge scholarship in the areas of entertainment, media, and intellectual property law, with a primary focus on copyright law. During the first part of the seminar, we will read and discuss, first, a forthcoming book by Prof. Netanel titled The Battles over Copyright and, then, four works in progress of leading scholars. We will analyze the works in progress, both regarding the substance of their argument and as models of legal scholarship to assist students in writing their own papers. The scholars will also come to UCLA for a daylong workshop, on Sunday, November 12, to present their papers and to respond to questions and comments posed by students and professors in attendance.  Students will have spring semester to write a first draft and submit their final papers.

To take this seminar, you must have already take or be concurrently taking copyright law or an intellectual property survey course, whether at UCLA or elsewhere. In addition, preference for admission to the seminar will be given to enrolled and wait listed students who attend the first class meeting. If you do not show up for the first meeting, you risk being dropped from the seminar. 

We do not meet during spring semester except for two daylong workshops on Fridays, January 19 and 26, when students will give oral presentations on their works in progress. The seminar requires your attendance at the Sunday, November 12, workshop in the fall and at the two Friday workshops in the spring, as well as at our regular meetings fall semester.

The seminar fulfills the SAW requirement. Each student will write and present a scholarly research paper in some area of entertainment, media, or intellectual property law. Students will also write two-page response papers to each scholar’s works in progress. We will provide your response papers to the scholars to assist them in producing a final version of their work.

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