LAW 574

Public Interest Procedure

Public Interest Law

This course will introduce students to the procedural regulation of impact litigation brought in the public interest. Public interest litigation regularly raises a number of complex procedural issues. Cases in this genre are often class actions. Questions about fee shifting routinely arise, as the nonprofit organizations that file these almost never depend upon contingency fees for their funding. A determination that the defendant is liable rarely ends a case, and courts preside over lengthy remedial phases as they try to fashion effective injunctions. Lawyers bringing or defending cases brought to challenge malfunctioning government bureaucracies or unjust policies or practices encounter these and many other procedural challenges as litigation proceeds. Students who take this course will learn about these challenges, how they arise, and how judges and lawyers solve them. By engaging with a series of guest speakers, students will get a real-world sense of the day-to-day procedural realities of impact litigation. Students will also collaborate to help write an online treatise addressing the many procedural issues that arise in public interest litigation. This treatise will eventually be made available to the public, as a resource for lawyers involved in this area of practice.

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