Volunteer Witness Program FAQ

Volunteer Witness Program Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

What do I wear?

Consider the role you are playing and dress accordingly. Always opt for being comfortable as the students and faculty are usually dressed casually. For women especially, remember to wear comfortable shoes because UCLA is a very large campus and the parking lots are approximately a 5-8 minute walk from the Law School.

Where do I go?

Please see our "Visit the Campus" page. All of your appearances will be in the Law School. Unless otherwise instructed, you will go to Room 1465, located in the Clinical Wing of the School of Law, office of the Witness Program Coordinator. If you have difficulty finding Room 1465 just go to the main information desk in the lobby and the receptionist will direct you. 

Where do I enter the campus by car?

Enter from Hilgard Ave. (east side of campus), turn into the campus at Westholme Avenue and stop at the Parking Kiosk. Most of the time you will be parking in Lot #2, although for Mock Trials that are in the evening, you may be allowed to park in Lot A which is behind the Faculty Center and across the street from the Law School. Each time you have an appointment your name will be on a list so you will be given complimentary parking when you give the attendant your name. Be sure the permit is prominently displayed on the left side of your dashboard or window. If there is any misunderstanding, please pay the parking fee, tell us, and we will give you a permit to exchange for a refund when you leave the campus.

What if I have a disabled person parking placard?

Disabled parking is available from the Information and Parking booth for $5 per day.

How do I get there by bus?

Get off the bus at the Hilgard bus terminal when coming from the south. Walk up the stairway to your right (north end of the terminal) and continue north along the side of Murphy Hall. Cross the street and you will see the Law School. If you are coming from the valley, get off at Wyton and Hilgard. Enter the campus at Wyton and walk south towards the Law School, which is the big brick building you will see straight ahead. The north entrance to the Law School is near the dining commons and you will have to go down a small flight of outdoor stairs to reach this entrance.

Where can I buy food and drink?

The Law School is located next door to Lu Valle Commons where there is a cafeteria offering hot food, salads, and deli items on the main level, a gourmet coffee and dessert area in an adjacent room, and the bookstore/general store on the lower level.