Abigail A. Zelenski '03

Abigail ZelinskiAbigail A. Zelenski (formerly Abigail Tapang-Treanor) came to the UCLA School of Law with the goal of serving the public through government service. As an immigrant from the Philippines and as a child laborer, Abigail was drawn to utilizing her education for helping the community. Throughout college and while at the UCLA School of Law, Abigail served as a law clerk at the county, state, and federal levels - clerking at the Los Angeles Superior Court, the State Bar of California, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

During law school, Abigail started volunteering at the Filipino American Heritage Institute and Filipino American Library (collectively, “FAL”). She helped to raise funds for the organization, whose goals include developing a community library documenting the historical experiences of Filipinos in the United States. She eventually joined the FAL Board of Directors, and, for the next seven years, she continued her efforts to increase public awareness of the rich historical and social contributions of Filipino Americans––a very large, yet underrepresented, community in California.

For the next ten years after law school, Abigail worked at a boutique law firm specializing in wage-and-hour class actions on behalf of employees, representing thousands of underpaid low-income workers. In January 2013, she joined the law firm Jaurigue Law Group––where she is currently a Shareholder and Managing Counsel––and continues her efforts in representing employees and consumers in class-action litigation. Throughout her career, Abigail has settled over thirty-five class actions and mass actions, recovering millions on behalf of employees in a wide range of industries, including those in the security, motion-picture, food, retail, and banking industries.

In furtherance of her commitment to public service, in October 2012, Abigail was elected to the Governing Board of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (“SLNC”), where she served her term through April 2014. The SLNC was created as a result of a 1999 city-wide vote by residents of Los Angeles to promote neighborhood empowerment. The SLNC, like the other neighborhood councils throughout Los Angeles, encourages more citizen participation in government through its local-community efforts and through acting as a direct pipeline to City Hall.