Erika K. Wilson '03

Erika WilsonProfessor Erika K. Wilson (formerly Erika Woods) came to the UCLA School of Law with the goal of pursuing a career in social justice.  As the first person in her family to obtain both an undergraduate and graduate degree, she was particularly interested in using her education to serve marginalized communities.  While at the UCLA Law School, Professor Wilson along with several of her classmates drafted and filed an amicus brief with the United States Supreme Court in the seminal case of Grutter v. Bollinger.  The brief offered a unique argument in favor of affirmative action based upon the perspective of students of color attending selective University of California law schools in the wake of Proposition 209.  The brief was cited by the University of Michigan Law School in its brief to the Supreme Court.

After graduating from law school Professor Wilson worked as a litigation associate at Arnold & Porter LLP.  She then went on to work as a staff attorney/fellow at the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law (“Lawyers Committee”) in Washington D.C.  As an attorney with the Lawyers Committee, she represented, among other clients, local chapters of the National Advancement for the Association of Colored People (“NAACP”) in school desegregation cases and in litigation related to the No Child Left Behind Act.

Professor Wilson next decided to pursue a career in law school teaching.  Her decision to pursue a career in law teaching was heavily influenced by her positive experiences with the excellent faculty at the UCLA School of Law, particularly the faculty in the Critical Race Studies program.  Professor Wilson previously taught at the University of Baltimore Law School.  She currently teaches at the University Of North Carolina School Of Law where she teaches a Civil Lawyering Process Class and a Civil Litigation clinic in which she supervises law students in representing clients in cases involving issues of school discipline, employment discrimination, housing and other civil rights and poverty law issues.   Professor Wilson research and writes in the areas of education law and policy. Professor Wilson's most recent scholarship.