Pauline Truong '05


Pauline TruongPauline Truong's family first migrated from China to Vietnam, and then a generation later risked their lives to leave Vietnam for Malaysia in a boat after the war. After some time at the refugee camps, they were blessed to receive refugee status in Australia and expanded internationally thereafter. At each transition, they successfully rebuilt their lives and businesses. Whilst it was challenging initially, this later became an asset for the globalization of Pauline' s work.

Pauline has continuously served and given back to the global community. Whilst completing her graduate law degree at Melbourne Law School (Australia), she traveled globally, advocated for the underrepresented and promoted access to the law and justice for the less privileged at the policy level and undertook many leadership roles.

After graduation from law school and a period of international legal practice and business, Pauline was the first person of Vietnamese background to be awarded the Justice Lionel Murphy International Postgraduate Award to pursue an LL.M. at UCLA School of Law. While at UCLA, she served as an editor and board member of UCLA's Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (JILFA) and Asian Pacific American Law Journal (APALJ).

As an alumnus, Pauline now works to promote the LL.M. program both in the U.S. and around the world, specifically in Australia and Asia. Pauline develops global strategies to connect UCLA Law students with international business networks, organizes events, speaks about and promotes the program, facilitates international exchange and expands career opportunities for the program's graduates.

Pauline believes the UCLA Law Women LEAD initiative, a network of women providing advice and mentorship in the legal profession, provides great inspiration and networks for UCLA Law students and graduates. She will be helping with LEAD's international programs and globalization.

In addition to her work with UCLA, Pauline has served as a Young Ambassador for Australia, working with the United Nations, State Law Office & Parliamentarians on U .N. Conventions on human rights, gender and diversity issues. She is an advisor to the LifeBoat Foundation and has served as a Vice-Chair of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.