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The Great California Drought This Time, and Next

Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus discusses the state's response to the current drought, and lessons for responding to the next drought.

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Since last January, the State Water Board has been working the Governor’s Office and an interagency Drought Task Force to make crucial decisions about how and when to allocate and conserve water resources.

Chair Felicia Marcus and Water Conservation Policy Advisor Max Gomberg will talk about and reflect on what has been accomplished to date, where the State Board was challenged in implementing regulations and what lessons learned will mean for their decisions in the next year of this drought, or the drought next time.

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Cosponsored by: UCLA School of Law’s Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and Environmental Law Society, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, and UCLA Water Technology Research Center

One of a series of lectures and discussions organized by the UCLA Water Resources Working Group to bring together experts on water policy, science, law and technology, to work on interdisciplinary solutions to water sustainability. For more information about the UCLA Water Resources Group visit www.environment.ucla.edu/water.