Law & Philosophy Program

Legal Theory Workshop
Fall 2006 / Spring 2007

Spring 2007

January 18, 2007
Stephen P. Garvey
Professor of Law
Cornell Law School
4:30pm-6:15pm Room 2326
"Racism, Unreasonable Belief, and Bernhard Goetz"

February 1, 2007
Frederick Schauer
Frank Stanton Professor of the First Amendment
Harvard University
4:30pm-6:15pm Room 2326
"Is There a Concept of Law?"

February 15, 2007
Sophia R. Moreau
Professor of Law
University of Toronoto Law School
4:30pm-6:15pm Room 2326
"What is Discrimination?"

March 1, 2007
Carlos Rosenkrantz
Professor of Law & Global Law Professor
University of Buenos Aires &
New York University
4:30pm-6:15pm Room 2326
Co-sponsored by the Program on Argentina of the UCLA Latin American Center
"Equality in Politics"

March 8, 2007
Rob Reich
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Ethics in Society
Stanford University
4:30pm-6:15pm Room 2326
(Joint Session with Tax Policy and Public Finance Colloquium)
"Philanthropy and its Uneasy Relation to Equality"
"Toward a Political Theory of Philanthropy"

March 22, 2007
Daryl Levinson
Professor of Law
Harvard Law School
4:30pm-6:15pm Library Tower
"Personified Government and Constitutional Morality"

April 12, 2007
David Enoch
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Jacob I. Berman Associate Professor of Law
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
4:30pm-6:15pm Room 2326
"Intending, Foreseeing, and the State"

Fall 2006

September 21, 2006
Larry Alexander
Warren Distinguished Professor of Law
University of San Diego School of Law
4:15pm-6:00pm Law Library Tower
"Law’s Limited Domain Confronts Morality’s Universal Empire"

October 26, 2006
Ed Baker
Nicholas F. Gallicchio Professor of Law
University of Pennsylvania Law School
4:15pm-6:00pm Room 2326

November 16, 2006
Laura Rosenbury
Associate Professor of Law
Washington University Law School
4:15pm-6:00pm Room 2326
"Friends with Benefits"

November 30, 2006
Micah Schwartzman
Society of Fellows
Columbia University
4:15pm-6:00pm Room 2326
"Judicial Sincerity"