Critical Race Studies 2020 Symposium

Rebellious Lawyering - Reverberations From One Chicano's Radical Vision
Honoring Gerald P. López

March 12-13, 2020, at UCLA School of Law.

Call for Papers or Panel Topics

Call for Papers and Panel Topics Flyer - submission deadline extended to October 14, 2019

Gerald P. López published Rebellious Lawyering: One Chicano's Vision of Progressive Law Practice in 1992 and for three decades the book has reverberated—challenging the color-blind, experts-rule approach of conventional "public interest" practice, providing a blueprint for fundamental changes to clinical and all of legal education, and triggering scholarly and professional debate about what constitutes rebellious and regnant lawyering. Race, racism, and anti-racism are at the center of López's vision, and UCLA Law's Critical Race Studies program (CRS) is honored to devote its 20th anniversary symposium March 12-13, 2020 to looking at rebellious lawyering past, present and future.

We invite submissions of abstracts for new (unpublished) work or for possible topics for symposium panels by September 30, 2019. Topics for new written work and for panel topics might include (but are in no way limited to) variations on the following themes:

  • How Rebellious Lawyering has traveled across disciplines and problem-solving practices and what has been gained or lost in the process;
  • Why the centrality of race has slipped away from some adaptations of the vision of practice described and evoked in Rebellious Lawyering;
  • What the practice of Rebellious Lawyering looks like in majority white institutions – and, of equal importance, within institutions of color;
  • How Rebellious Lawyering helps us think about bias in the legal profession (from admission to law school to bar passage to practice) and the ways to eliminate it;
  • The challenges of making durable change in institutions, whether those serving communities, law schools, universities, political bodies;
  • How and why Rebellious Lawyering has been resisted by law school clinicians and some attorneys who work with communities who need it most;
  • How Rebellious Lawyering has traveled across the globe (with trainings and conferences in Scotland, Northern England, India, Ireland, Italy, Australia, among others);
  • How Rebellious Lawyering has shaped specific areas of legal practice.

Please note that there is a one proposal limit per person. Your proposal for a paper must include: title(s), presenter, any affiliations of the presenter, current email and phone number for the person submitting, along with the resume/c.v. for the presenter of no more than two (2) pages, along with an Abstract of the proposed paper(s). Your proposal for a panel topic must include a description of the theme(s), the current or emerging importance of the topic, and some illustration of how communities and practitioners are now dealing with these challenges. For a single paper submission, the abstract should not exceed 250 words; for a panel topic submission, the abstract should not exceed 500 words. Please note that panels will last ninety minutes, and symposium organizers shall include no more than four panelists and one moderator per panel.

The deadline for submission is October 14, 2019. Materials must be submitted via email to with the subject line CRS SYMPOSIUM PROPOSAL. If your proposal is selected, you will be notified by November 15, 2019.