2013 CRS Events

Race Undercover: Unpacking the Trayvon Martin TragedyOctober 2, 2013

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The acquittal of George Zimmerman  for the murder of Trayvon Martin unleashed a debate about self-defense, guns, and, most importantly, the role of race in the events surrounding Trayvon’s death as well as the courtroom.  This panel proposes to unpack this debate and expose the assumptions surrounding the colorblind framing that largely drove the discussion.  Questions to be considered include:  Was the verdict a foregone conclusion?  How did stand your ground law play a role in the case?  What is the significance of the case and the verdict in the broader context of societal violence and use of force by private and public actors? 


Sherod Thaxton, Assistant Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law

Robin D.G. Kelley, Gary B. Nash Professor of American History, UCLA Law

Peter Bibring, Adjunct Faculty, UCLA School of Law; Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU of Southern California

Addie C. Rolnick, Associate Professor of Law, University of Nevada Las Vegas 


Kimberlé Crenshaw, Distinguished Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law

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