2014 CRS Events

Bringing the War on Terror Home: Islamophobia and the Erosion of Civil Liberties Post-9/11
October 23, 2014

The domestic front of the “war on terror” has produced a sprawling counterterrorism system of policing and surveillance in the United States that stretches from NSA wiretapping to the surveillance of mosques to ballooning no-fly lists to the construction of new modes of preventive detention.  These developments have also been accompanied by a sharp increase in private activities targeting affected communities with hate crimes and harassment.  These developments constrain the civil liberties of Muslim-Americans, treated as objects of suspicion by neighbors and colleagues while being overtly targeted by the myriad “counterradicalization” programs adopted by police departments across the country.  But the climate of fear and suspicion also extends to those who report on or criticize “war on terror” policies at home and abroad, with an unprecedented degree of pressure on journalists, investigative reporters and even academics who expose government policies to public scrutiny or critique U.S. foreign policy or American allies in the never-ending war on terror.  This panel features Arun Kundnani, author of the recent book Muslims Are Coming!, which chronicles and offers a comprehensive critique of counterradicalization strategies.  Mr. Kundnani is joined by Ahilan Arulanantham, who has litigated some of the most significant cases challenging government surveillance practices in Southern California, and by Yaman Salahi, who has been working to shed light on public and private efforts to restrict academic freedom.

From Gaza to Ferguson
September 18, 2014

From the Washington Postto Ebony Magazine to the streets of Ferguson and beyond, connections between events in Ferguson and Gaza have captured the popular imagination.  This panel examines and explores the relationship between race, the rise of militarized policing, and the response to dissent in the United States and consider its implications in a global context.

Moderated by CRS Professor Aslı Bâli.  Panelists include CRS Professor Cheryl I. Harris, Professor Robin D.G. Kelley, Professor Donna Murch, Professor Sherene Seikaly, and Hedy Epstein.

For further reading:

Ian Haney Lopez on his new book, Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class

March 3, 2014
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The Color of Criminal Suspicion: Racial Profiling, Surveillance, and the Policing of Our Communities
February 20, 2014
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Examining the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk program, the recent Floyd, et. al. v. City of New York, et al. decision, the NYPD’s counterterrorism surveillance program, and the LAPD’s SARS program.


Devon Carbado, UCLA School of Law

Amna Akbar, Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Hamid Khan, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition


Khaled Beydoun, UCLA School of Law


Asli U. Bali, UCLA School of Law

From Ground Zero: UCLA Law Students on the Past, Present, and Future of Affirmative Action
February 19, 2014
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While debates over affirmative action often view students of color only as data points, in fact students, particularly UCLA Law students of color, have played a pivotal role in shaping the public discourse and the legal doctrine. This panel features UCLA alumnae of color who wrote an amicus brief, were interveners, and were witnesses in Grutter v Bollinger, the Michigan affirmative action case decided by the Supreme Court in 2003. Looking to the future, the panel also includes alumnae of color who are working on current legislation and other initiatives to reverse the damaging effects of Proposition 209 on higher education.


Erika Dowdell ’05, Deputy Public Defender, County of Los Angeles

Anthony Solana, Jr. ’04, President and Chairperson, For People of Color, Inc.

Erika K. Wilson ’03, Assistant Professor of Law, University of North Carolina School of Law


Cheryl I. Harris, Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Professor in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, UCLA School of Law

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