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Professor Motomura Comments on Donald Trump's Proposal to End Birthright Citizenship in Multiple Media Outlets

August 19, 2015 -- Professor Hiroshi Motomura commented on Donald Trump's proposal to end birthright citizenship. His comments appear in Washington Post, CBS News and Desert Sun articles.

"I think that's really a recipe for social disaster in the coming generation. We've seen this in Europe for example," said Hiroshi Motomura, a professor of law at the University of California, Los Angeles. "What you have are large disaffected populations."

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Hiroshi Motomura, who teaches immigration law and citizenship at the University of California-Los Angeles, told CBS News that ending birthright citizenship is "an overly simple solution for a really complex problem...with consequences that are going to be seriously negative consequences for this country. It would be much better to fix the immigration system."

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Hiroshi Motomura, a University of California, Los Angeles law professor, called Trump’s proposal a “quick fix.”

“These are simple solutions, but they aren’t lasting. The plan doesn’t get at the problems and it will backfire,” Motomura said.

“Ending birthright citizens is not going to work, where do you draw the line? Building a wall is not going to work, it’s too costly. There needs to be a coordinated effort with the Mexican government,” Motomura added.

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