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Lecturer in Law Jyoti Nanda to Serve on White House Panel for Advancing Equity for Women & Girls of Color

Lecturer in Law Jyoti Nanda has been invited by The White House Council on Women and Girls and the Anna Julie Cooper Center at Wake Forest University to serve as a panelist for an all-day conference, “Advancing Equity for Women & Girls of Color: A Research Agenda for the Next Decade,” in Washington, D.C. on Friday, November 13, 2015. 

Professor Nanda will contribute to a panel discussion on “Vulnerability to Violence,” an exploration of the way that women and girls of color experience unique vulnerabilities to interpersonal and institutional violence, an issue that encompasses Nanda’s past and current research and advocacy. 

The conference will examine the existing landscape of research focused on women and girls of color, the gaps in knowledge that remain, and the kinds of work that can swiftly and substantively improve the ability to make informed policy choices. 

The event will bring together community-based organizations that have identified neglected research areas, academic and organization-based researchers who are pursuing innovative research agendas, foundations and policy think tanks who can use new findings to inform and support community, and government officials who can discuss the Administration’s efforts to close opportunity gaps faced by women and girls of color and their peers.