Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy

Food Law Student Leadership Summit

The Food Law Student Leadership Summit is the only conference to convene students from around the country who share a passion for food law and is hosted this year by UCLA School of Law.

Following the success of th first two Summits, FLPC has teamed up with UCLA School of Law's Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy to host the third Summit, which will reflect the Southern California setting, the clients and partners of UCLA's Resnick Program, and the region's unique role in our food system. Participants will:

  • deepen their understanding of key food law and policy issues;
  • hear from advocates, food producers, academics, policy practitioners, policy makers, and more;
  • work with a small group to develop and present policy solutions;
  • gain valuable resources and insights for promoting food law and policy at their schools;
  • tour local food organizations and food innovators; and
  • establish lasting connections with dedicated law students from across the country.