Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy

Resnick Center Outside Speaking Events

Spring 2017

Where:  UC Irvine Roundtable on Food Security and Sustainability
What: Session on "The Benefits of Voluntary Disclosure Schemes like the Transparency Act"
Who: Michael Roberts, Executive Director
When:  March 10, 2017
Where:  CLE Conference; Austin, TX
What: "Sugar-Sweetened Law: Legal Efforts to Reduce Sugar Consumption"
Who: Michael Roberts, Executive Director
When:  May 11-12, 2017
Where:  CHESC Conference; Santa Barbara
What: "Introducing a New Food Law & Policy Clinic to Galvanize Advocacy, Reform, and Collaboration"
Who: Allison Korn, Clinical Director
When:  June 27, 2017
Where:  UKCRC Annual Conference; London, England
What: "Novel Perspectives to Potential Harms of Sugar Liberalisation"
Who: Emilie Aguirre, Academic Fellow
When:  June 29, 2017