Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy

Kim Kessler’s radio show “Eating Matters” – Episode 16 aired on January 29th on Heritage Radio Network

January 29, 2015 – Kim Kessler, Policy and Special Programs Director of the Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy, aired the sixteenth episode of “Eating Matters,” on Heritage Radio Network titled “Food: When It’s Not What You Think.” In this episode, Kim welcomes Michael Roberts, Executive Director of the newly established Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy at the UCLA School of Law. Chatting with Kim about the growing menace of food fraud, the two discuss the definition of food fraud, examples of particular products that tend to be adulterated, and the dangers and concerns associated with this global problem. Given the increasingly global and complex nature of food supply chains, Kim and Michael question why food fraud is acknowledged yet not truly addressed.

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