Resnick China Food Safety Initiative

China Food Safety Initiative: Food Safety in an Interconnected World

The Resnick Center has partnered with two of China’s premier law schools, Renmin University School of Law and East China University of Science and Technology, to promote cross-border collaboration, communication, and mutual learning among food safety professionals and academics in China and the United States. Because approximately 20% of food in the US is now imported, there is a greater dependency on the efficacy of foreign food regulatory systems to protect US consumers. Since China in particular is a major force in the global food economy, the China Food Safety Initiative aspires to enhance food governance in China and ensure safe and healthy food for consumers through events as well as research development.

One of the primary outcomes of this project is a roundtable and leadership workshop series in Shanghai, designed to help China translate its seminal 2015 Food Safety Law into effective practice. The workshop was designed for government officials and, based on case study problems, facilitated discussion on the role of regulation across the entire food system, from the farm to the plate. Presenters included distinguished experts from the United States and China. The goal for the workshop series was through the sharing of expertise and collaborating to inspire new ideas on improving food governance. Thus, this Initiative represents a model of collaboration that can be replicated in other countries where food regulation systems are being developed in response to pressing global food safety concerns.

China Food Safety Initiative Brochure