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Innovation in the Food Sector and the Role of Law

A shift in consumer demand for healthy, equitable, and sustainable food, as well as a rapid growth in food related start-ups, direct marketing to consumers, and new food inventions have led to the development of a new class of innovators and social entrepreneurs. Seeking to increase understanding of the challenges facing these innovators and social entrepreneurs in the food sector, the Resnick Center launched in the spring of 2016 a roundtable series to identify opportunities for law and public policy to contribute to the development of a more dynamic and innovative food sector. The first roundtable discussion, Social Entrepreneurship in the Food Sector: Is the Law a Barrier to Innovation?, focused on how mission driven food start-ups interact with the existing food law and policy framework.

The Resnick Center will be holding additional roundtables, including a roundtable in May 2016 on the opportunities and challenges facing mission-oriented and plant-based food companies. To learn more about the roundtable series and to keep up-to-date on the Resnick Center's activities on innovation in the food sector, please email us at