Breaking the Silence LA: A Townhall on Girls and Women of Color

March 23, 2019 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Community leaders are coming together for a town hall hearing to help elevate the voices and experiences of women and girls of color in Los Angeles. The purpose of this gathering is to identify opportunities to advance policy implementation and support to meet their needs. Women and girls of color are negatively impacted across a range of indicators, yet unfortunately, many dominant narratives about racial inequity fail to include women and girls and the disparities they face. Through this town hall, we hope to create opportunities for local decision-makers to listen to women and girls directly about the challenges they experience on a daily basis –in their homes, schools, and communities— and identify opportunities for intervention.


  1. Kimberlé Crenshaw - AAPF Founder & UCLA Law Professor
  2. Barbara Arnwine - Transformative Justice Coalition
  3. Sydney Kamlager-Dove - CA Assemblymember
  4. Araceli Campos - President, LA Commission on the Status of Women
  5. Patti Giggans - L.A. Sheriff Oversight Committee
  6. Erika Sandoval - Deputy City Attorney Los Angeles
  7. Judge Donna Groman - Juvenile Court
  8. Brian Williams - E.D. of L.A. Sheriff Oversight Committee
  9. Terri McDonald - Chief Probation Officer LA County
  10. Pastor Najuma Smith-Pollard - Cecil Murray Center for Community Engagement
  11. Judge R. Goswami - Criminal Court
  12. Jasmyne Cannick - Media
  13. Kelly McCreary – Actress and Activist

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