Creating Liberation from Incarceration: Women Beyond Bars

November 30, 2018 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


The launch will feature a panel, which as with the report, will highlight the voices of incarcerated women and their crucial role in building reentry policy that fully realizes the human rights of women. A reception will follow the panel. 

Below is a brief description of the report.

Human Rights to Housing and Reentry for Women Reentering LA

In 2003 Los Angeles joined a cohort of cities that have taken the lead in demonstrating that local government can and should be influential human rights actors in the pursuit of gender equality. It adopted a city ordinance that brings to the local level a human rights-based approach to ending gender discrimination and achieving the full empowerment of women and girls. The UCLA School of Law International Human Rights Clinic ("the IHRC"), led by a think tank of incarcerated women, and with the support of a number of leading reentry community partners, has taken an important step in unlocking the potential of LA's commitment to gender equality by focusing specifically on the needs of formerly incarcerated women  reentering Los Angeles communities. Together they have produced a report that puts forth a guide and set of recommendations for ensuring that reentering women have access to housing and employment.

The Report represents groundbreaking work led by those directly affected by reentry policies and offers a novel model of policy advocacy that centers around their expertise and needs. To produce the Report, the IHRC collaborated with a range of community partners—including local and state government authorities—in a process led by the California Institution for Women Think Tank ("the CIW Think Tank"). The CIW Think Tank is an intellectual collective of women at the California Institution for Women that was created in part under the auspices of the UCLA Prison Education Program. The IHRC and the CIW Think Tank worked closely with multiple community stakeholders to assess the needs of reentering women, in line with the Think Tank's priorities of ensuring the fulfillment of the rights to employment and housing. The Report analyzes services currently available to women upon reentry and makes recommendations based on the application of human rights principles.