An Evening with a Mad Scientist: AI and The LGBTQ Community

March 20, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Dr. Vivienne Ming, CEO of Socos and Chair of the Board of StartOut is one of the world’s leading data scientists.

In 2016 Dr. Ming, in collaboration with StartOut, conducted research that tracked the migration patterns of LGBT entrepreneurs and concluded that over 1 million jobs migrated from regions that are hostile to LGBT employees to areas with more welcoming policies for the LGBT community.  

Dr. Ming is about to embark on a new A.I. driven project to create the StartOut Pride Economic Impact Index. This index will create a dynamic platform for tracking the economic impact of LGBTQ policies and programs across the country. 

Join StartOut and the Williams Institute, as Dr. Ming shares a sneak peek of this project. Learn the importance of the index and what it means for you as an LGBTQ entrepreneur or policy influencer. 

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